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Wie die Manuskripte von Timbuktu gerettet wurden

“They think on their feet when faced with these challenges,” he says.

“They take the documents to family homes and store them safely.”

Mohamed Mathee to Peter Biles, BBC News, Johannesburg, 2013-02-02

Structure of the Heavens: This text was written to train scholars in the field of astronomy, a science that Islamic tradition traces back to Adam and to the Prophet Idris. The author discusses how to use the movements of the stars to calculate the beginning of the seasons and how to cast horoscopes, among many other aspects of astronomy. Displayed is a diagram demonstrating the rotation of the heavens. Nasir al-Din Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn al-Hajj al-Amin al-Tawathi al-Ghalawi. Kashf al-Ghummah fi Nafa al-Ummah (The Important Stars Among the Multitude of the Heavens), copied 1733. Loaned by the Mamma Haidara Commemorative Library, Timbuktu, Mali (1)

Source: The Library of Congress.