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E-Books und interaktives Lesen

“Reading by its very nature is interactive – whether you do it on an iPad or with a printed book, you participate,” he said. “The novelist creates a world and the reader brings something to it. Reading is not a passive process. Literary interactivity means more than computer games. Or should do.” (Blake Morrison)

Vanessa Thorpe: Top novelists look to ebooks to challenge the rules of fiction, in: guardian.co.uk, 2013-03-10.

Internationaler Frauentag 2014 (Interaktive Karte)

International Women’s Day: political rights around the world mapped

How have women’s political rights changed around the globe to get to this International Women’s Day? This interactive map by Lustlab’s Lizzie Malcolm in Amsterdam shows the long history of the fight for suffrage and political representation around the globe. Click and drag on the year slider to see the changing face of women’s political representation over the years.

Simon Rogers: BlogData, guardian.co.uk, 2013-03-08.