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Selbst-Beobachtung 2

But what about everything else that happens in between? That’s the content that Memoto, a Swedish start-up, wants to capture with a small, wearable camera that automatically takes photos of the wearer’s surroundings. The square-shaped device can be clipped onto a collar, a jacket or worn around the neck on a string. It snaps photos at 30-second intervals, and switches off only when it is dark, face-down or placed into a pocket.

Jenna Wortham: Meet Memoto, the Lifelogging Camera, in: nytimes.com, 2013-03-08.

Selbst-Beobachtung 3

One of the reasons that self-tracking is spreading widely beyond the technical culture that gave birth to it is that we all have at least an inkling of what’s going on out there in the cloud. Our search history, friend networks and status updates allow us to be analyzed by machines in ways we can’t always anticipate or control. It’s natural that we would want to reclaim some of this power: to look outward to the cloud, as well as inward toward the psyche, in our quest to figure ourselves out.

Gary Wolf: The Data-Driven Life, in: nytimes.com, 2010-04-28.