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New York City: Subway Ballet

Last month, I decided to track down the subway dancers in the hope of filming them. After weeks of calls, I managed to book an afternoon shoot with some of the men, who call themselves the W.A.F.F.L.E. (We Are Family for Life Entertainment) crew: J-Black, Goofy, Boy Aero, Lex Aero, John-O and Sonic. I focused my lens on their hands seizing poles and feet fluttering in the air. As I zoomed in, I noticed that these self-taught artists are not just part of an underground subculture; their graceful moves also evoke a classical ballet.

Joshua Z. Weinstein: Subway Ballet, in:, 2013-05-28.

How to measure freelance success

Unsurprisingly, financial security makes one able to consider artistic desires more fully, without worrying about food on the table. While the grand plans are still there, for now many of us would settle for being able to pay the rent.

Eleanor Turney: What does freelance success look like? in:, 2013-05-08.

Michael Landy: Saints Alive at London’s National Gallery preview

Artist Michael Landy, best known for his 2001 performance work Break Down in which he destroyed all his possessions, talks to Charlotte Higgins from an animatronics workshop. Landy gives a sneak preview to his new show – large-scale sculptures inspired by National Gallery paintings cast and assembled with refuse, a Landy trademark.


Source: youtube / TheGuardian

Twittern im Museum für Moderne Kunst

Vielleicht ist die Aktion eher eine Performance, ein Museumsflashmob mit medienkritischem Anspruch, der zeigen soll, wie kurzatmig das Kulturerleben geworden ist in einer Gesellschaft, in der sich alles ständig mit jedem auf Twitter oder Facebook teilen lässt, in der sich für manchen auch der Wert einer Ausstellung in den digitalen Einheiten von „Likes“ oder „Followers“ ausdrückt.

Anne Kohlick und Hannah Lühmann: Twittern im Museum. Alles aus zweiter Hand, in:, 2013-04-27.

Back to the 17th Century…

A 30-strong flashmob turn up at a shopping centre in Holland, arriving on horses and abseiling from ropes to reconstruct a Rembrandt painting. Unsuspecting shoppers in Breda were treated to the scene as actors in seventeenth century outfits reconstructed the painting, The Night Watch. The stunt took place to promote the re-opening of the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which has undergone an extensive restoration program since 2003. Report by Sophie Foster.

ITN 2013-04-05

Weibliche Meisterschaft am “Bauhaus”

Even so, all three women ended up working in areas that the male-dominated design establishment did not deem to be as important as, say, architecture or industrial design, partly because they were seen as female preserves. Fewer books and exhibitions have since been devoted to them than to other disciplines. And even the most successful Bauhaus textile graduates, including Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl and Koch-Otte, have featured less prominently in histories of the school than their male counterparts, who studied “weightier” subjects, have done.

Alice Rawsthorne: Female Pioneers of the Bauhaus, in:, 2013-03-22.

Illustrationen: Denni’s Pinterest-Website “Bauhaus”

Werbeanzeige des Bauhauses in der Weltbühne vom 28. April 1925.